Starling Bank

Branding, Digital, Print & UX/UI

Starling Bank, an award-winning online-only bank, aims to challenge the way people see banking and make it easier for everyone. Launched in 2017, Starling has since revolutionised the way people handled their finances, giving customers the ability to manage their money in real-time through a strong featured-pack offering.

As an integrated designer and while operating full-speed due to Starling exponential growth, I worked collaboratively across all areas of the business: website & digital, social media, outdoor campaign, print, merch and events including Sibos, the leading global financial services conference.


Web Design, UX & UI

To sustain the rapid growth of the Starling Bank website with new pages being added weekly, I worked on planning, designing and implementing a clear and intuitive new navigation system. Teamed-up with the SEO team and the AD, we looked at offering a seamless experience navigating the website.

Our goal was to increase the overall web pages’ weight which is crucial for SEO and enable users to easily navigate their way through the site to be informed or have their queries answered. We used familiar structure and user-friendly language to insure visitors’ conversion.

New navigation system – Mobile view

New navigation system – Desktop view

Web Design, UX & UI

Working closely with the developers team and the Head of SEO, I have designed and lead direction for a variety of key pages.

Our goal was to retain an optimal search engine ranking through slick design and user friendly approach without losing the need to deliver specific content and achieving conversion.

The Business account & Careers pages.

Iconography for the website – Secondary set of icons

Iconography for the website – Primary set of icons

Euro account, Starling Bank Services & The Marketplace pages

Prototyping experimentation for the Careers page – Desktop & mobile versions.
Role: Concept and development of interactions and digital one scroll down page experience.

Concept & Storyboarding for a type based animation illustrating the working benefits on the Careers page.

Concept & Storyboarding for a type based animation illustrating the working benefits on the Careers page.
Motion Design: George Buckfield

Starling Bank at Sibos 2019.
The leading global financial services conference.

In collaboration with George Buckfield and Gasta (motion designers), I have lead with Jessica Blakey (marketing manager) and execute the creation of the animated content for the big video screen on the Starling Bank stand. The videos run all day long for 4 days.

I participated to the creation of the following videos:

Concept & Storyboarding:

– 10 brand and 5 patterns animations (with Gasta)
– A featured film for Starling Bank Services (with George Buckfield)

Concept & Execution:

– Animated timeline of Starling Bank story
– Animated Agenda of the Day & Live Event
– Animated Quotes


I also designed a microsite for the tablets displayed on the stand. It included a quiz that people could take and get their score live up on screen and some resources library about Starling products.

"The Journey so Far"
Animated timeline retracing the story of Starling Bank from its launch til now
Role: Concept & Execution

Animated quotes
Role: Concept & Execution

Agenda of the Day & Live Event animations
Role: Concept & Execution

Brand based pattern animations
Role: Concept – Motion Design: Gasta

Brand based animations
10 animations, starting from Starling Bank logo, with a strong narrative in each of them
Role: Concept & Storyboarding – Motion Design: Gasta

"Payments at the Speed of Light"
A featured film for the Starling Banking Services branch.
Role: Concept, Storyboarding & Art Direction – Motion Design: George Buckfield – Copy: Jez Smajda

"The Starling Times"
We also had our own Newspaper at Sibos, poking fun at the fintech and finance industry.
Role: Art Direction – Editor: Jez Smadja – Graphic Design: Rosie Lewis

Outdoor campaign 2019
Starling Bank’s home advertising campaign in London, UK, running across TFL Underground stations and NBFL buses.

Outdoor campaign 2019

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