St John’s Wood High Street

Art Direction, Branding & Print

St John’s Wood is one of London’s most renowned urban residential districts. The High Street comprises a row of traditional stores with a 21st-century vision of the art of dining out and the culture of shopping. The branding aims to establish St John’s Wood High Street as the leading luxury, lifestyle destination in North London.

The assignment includes:
Logotype, branding guidelines, booklet, postcard & leaflet.

At Sister London

Inspired by the contrasts of London and named after Big Ben, FS Benjamin was designed by Stuart de Rozario and founder, Jason Smith. With a pure and crafted feel to the forms the typeface has traditional roots but has been designed to work in a contemporary setting. Archetypal proportions allow the typeface to feel familiar and be legible in all platforms.

Images can be framed with an irregular border. The position on the frame and thickness of the border are flexible and can be adjusted depending on the composition of the image.

The booklet includes a detachable map.

“The Wood” has been created to reinforce the idea that St John’s Wood High Street is not only a location but a community, an area with heritage and history, a globally significant destination that retains a distinct and charming character. For small usage only.

Commissioned Photographer: David Didsbury

Commissioned Photographer: David Didsbury

Commissioned Photographer: David Didsbury

Complementary logo – For small usage only.

Postcards – Commissioned Illustrator: Fee Greening

Reverse of the postcards – Commissioned Illustrator: Fee Greening.

Postcards detail – Commissioned Illustrator: Fee Greening

Windows design for shops to let on St John's Wood High Street

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