Noah Wiegand

Art Direction, Branding, Digital & Print

Noah Wiegand is an artist who refers each of his works to traditions of thought. Extracts and quotes mix together freely in his titles and texts, when their arbitrary use remains deliberately vague. The artist activates and dramatises his plays, like addresses to our over-ordered societies.

The assignment includes:
Logotype, stationery, printed portfolio 
& responsive website

Website – Landing page

Multiple Business Cards

Animated graphic for the website


Website – The homepage of the website is a one scroll down page containing all the projects. As you scroll down, images are sliding on top of the project's title which changes when you reach a new project. The size and position of the images randomly appear every time you load the page.

Website – Slideshow of images for each projects

Website – Homepage with random (size & position) grid of overlapping images. Images slide on top of the project's title as you scroll down the page. Clicking on the image will bring you to the slideshow of images.

Noah Wiegand's Portfolio

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