Art Direction & Film

Written & Directed
by Manon Xhaard and Noah Wiegand


Music by Cosma


A character wearing a primitive mask, decked out like a shaman holding a thyrsus (a Bacchic staff) in his hand is travelling through landscapes devoid of any human presence, referring to a kind of “pre-historic time”. On his initiatory path, he comes upon a Dervish dance, and has a dreamlike encounter with a philosopher owl, somewhere between a clay sculpture and waves…


Uccello, in his cry, is an enigmatic fable which, with a desperate wit, conveys the intrinsic aspects of the human condition. Such a quest is futile, and we should make the most of the pleasures offered by life in the present.


16 min | Black and White | HDV Pal, 16/9 Format
Dolby Digital 2.0 | Blue Ray DVD Transfert

Uccello – Storyboard

Uccello – Trailer

Uccello – Drawing by Noah Wiegand



“Saisons Partagées” by Mojito Bay
Art Event | Jardin C | Nantes | France


“Une Singuliere Appropriation” – Project Room #1
Exhibition | Cairn, Centre d’Art | Digne-Les-Bains | France

Saison Vidéos | Online Platform


“59em Salon de Montrouge”
Exhibition | Paris | France


“Jeune Création”
Exhibition | Le 104 | Paris | France





Research Grant | Arts Council France

Exhibition's view – "Jeune Création"

Exhibition's view – "Une Singulière Appropriation"

Exhibition's view – "Jeune Création"

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